Get to know the company behind the services.

Established in 2016, One Love Solar is a fast-growing company dedicated to serving the residents of Northern and Southern California. We help individuals realize the potential benefits of going full solar in terms of obtaining power for their properties and taking advantage of such benefits through our reliable services. We install, repair, and maintain solar panel systems for a cost-efficient solution to powering up both residential and commercial settings.

Our Mission

One Love Solar’s mission is to provide our consumers with a cost-efficient solution to obtaining electrical power through a variety of services focused on harnessing solar power, a renewable energy source.

business man in a suit near the solar panels to power plants

About the Owner

The company started out as a person’s avenue in offering an environment-friendly solution to generating power to various establishments. Our founder believed in using renewable sources of energy, particularly solar energy, in obtaining the electrical power that is necessary to our daily lives. With hard work and reliability, our founder has passed on to the entire team the values that will help us realize our mission and help our customers.

If you are ready to switch to solar energy, please call 760-219-1832.